Stockholm Archipelago Cruise 2019

Jun 27 2019 to Jul 13 2019
The Stockholm cruise now has a dedicated website at

Stockholm Archipelago Cruise: June 27-July 13, 2019

UPDATE: The cruise is now fully subscribed.  The Waitlist is Here.

 The Stockholm Archipelago is one of the most beautiful and idyllic cruising grounds in the world. Estimates of the number of islands vary from 20,000 to 100,000, with most sources settling on roughly 24,000 to 30,000. The archipelago stretches about 75 miles north to south and at its widest is approximately 25 miles across. Just off the east coast of Sweden and near the country’s capital city of Stockholm, the archipelago extends out into the Baltic Sea, but the island and rock clusters provide mostly sheltered, calm, scenic, and dramatic passages and anchorages with minimal currents, minimal fog, minimal tides, no lobster pots, and minimal salinity to the water. In a warm summer the water heats up enough on the rocks for swimming, especially in the shallows.

Early response among members of the three clubs organizing the cruise – the CCA, the North American Station of the Royal Scandinavian Yacht Clubs and Nyländska Jaktklubben, and the Royal Swedish Yacht Club – has essentially filled the cruise to capacity. We expect, however, that participants will combine into groups on charters and private boats, and we welcome your indication of interest in the hope that everyone who would like to can be accommodated. There will be at least one “mother ship"; we are looking into engaging two or three more.

We’ve booked the entire Vasa Museum for the opening night dinner. The museum is a spectacular structure on the edge of Stockholm Harbor housing the 18th century royal warship, Vasa, raised from the depths of the harbor in 1961. 

We will start from Stockholm; destinations will include Saltsjöbaden, on the mainland, and the island of Sandhamn, where The Royal Swedish YC has a major yachting center. The fleet will be together the first, middle, and final weekend. It will break up, probably into three divisions of about 20 boats each, to visit some of the charming, smaller harbors along the way. 

The Stockholm Archipelago Cruise is organized by three clubs crossing burgees: The Cruising Club of America (CCA), the North American Station of the Royal Scandinavian Yacht Clubs and Nyländska Jaktklubben (NAS), and the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS).

Ernie Godshalk (

David Tunick (

Cruise co-chairs 




Last Name First Name Club Group
Adkins Douglas CCA & NAS Adkins
Adkins Susan Adkins
Allaria-Domecq Maribel Bowers
Anderson A. Chace CCA & NAS Orem
Anderson Josie NAS Orem
Antrim Jim CCA Quanci
Antrim Cheryl Quanci
Armitage Carol CCA Cort/Schoettle
Baas Stephanie Vander Salm
Barsz Bill CCA Somers
Barsz Jeri CCA Somers
Bayus Elaine Quanci
Bernadotte Christian NAS Orem
Bernadotte Marianne Orem
Berriman Rex Bruce CCA Mothership Loyal
Berriman Jane Mothership Loyal
Binch Jim CCA & NAS Binch
Binch Suzie Binch
Binch Jim CCA & NAS Binch
Binch Suzie Binch
Blackett Hill "Buzz" Quanci
Blake Marggie KSSS & NAS Blake
Blake Ben NAS & KSSS Blake
Blatch Barnaby CCA Blatch
Blatch Mari Ann CCA Blatch
Booth Alex CCA Lalanne
Bouzaid Lydia CCA Worrell
Bouzaid Chris Worrell
Bowers Bill CCA Bowers
Bowers Linda Bowers
Bowers Dory Bowers
Bowers Tai Bowers
Boyd Peter NAS Boyd
Braitmayer Nancy Mothership Havet
Braitmayer Jack CCA Mothership Havet
Brooks Ned CCA Vietor
Brooks Louise Vietor
Brown Brownie, Mike CCA Stabbert
Browning John CCA Vander Salm
Bruce Doug CCA & NAS Rogers
Bruce Dale CCA Rogers
Carlson Rowena CCA Quanci
Childs Robert Weare
Childs Mary Weare
Coady, MD Michael NAS Boyd
Cook Nancy Mothership Loyal
Cooper Alex CCA Blatch
Cooper Sheelagh CCA Blatch
Cort David CCA Cort/Schoettle
Coupry Kathia Mothership Loyal
Crane Les CCA & NAS Crane
Crane Mags Crane
Creighton Mory CCA Creighton
Creighton Sarah CCA Creighton
Creighton Samuel CCA Creighton
Creighton Andrew CCA Creighton
Crofts Wisch Cynthia Lenci/Wisch
Cunningham John CCA Kasnet
de Zwart Pieter CCA & NAS Willauer
Devlin John CCA Goldweitz
Devlin Susan Goldweitz
Everett Nick CCA Vietor
Everett Nancy Vietor
Feigenbaum Susan NAS Boyd
Finan Bill Hord
Finan Nada Hord
Flynn Tom NAS Worrell
Flynn Ingrid NAS Worrell
Foley Tom CCA Foley
Foley Pat Foley
Forsberg Thomas James/Lhamon
Foss Bill CCA Gray
Foss Karen Gray
Fraser Dod CCA Vietor
Fraser Susan Vietor
Frost Torbjörn Bowers
Garten Helen Wiseman
Gibbons-Neff Debbie CCA Hord
Godshalk Ernest CCA & NAS Godshalk
Godshalk Bob Godshalk
Goldweitz Jonathan CCA Goldweitz
Goldweitz Dorothy CCA Goldweitz
Gray Sam CCA Gray
Gray Margaret (Gerry) CCA Gray
Gregg Jack CCA Hord
Gregg Laura Hord
Hansson Robert NAS & KSSS Hansson
Hansson Åse KSSS Hansson
Hege Ken CCA & NAS Hege
Hellström Erik CCA & NAS Mothership Loyal
Heppe John Cort/Schoettle
Heyward Allan CCA & NAS Tunick
Heyward Laura NAS Tunick
Hickey Alan CCA Salter
Hjelte Rolf KSSS Kasnet
Holmgren Stefan CCA & NAS Holmgren
Holmgren Maria NAS Holmgren
Hord William CCA Hord
Hord Lillie Hord
James Steve CCA James/Lhamon
James Karyn CCA James/Lhamon
Jamison Nancy McInnis
Kallfelz Andrew CCA McInnis
Kallfelz Julie McInnis
Kasnet Stephen CCA Kasnet
Kasnet Missy Kasnet
Kielland Halvor NAS Binch
Kielland Sherri NAS Binch
Kok Frans CCA Mothership Loyal
Kolker Anne CCA Mothership Loyal
Kollmorgen Dr. Christine Foley
Kolyer Pete CCA Kolyer
Kolyer Candi Kolyer
Kraft Scott Wiseman
Kraft Anne Wiseman
Laing Lisa CCA Somers
Lalanne Charlie CCA Lalanne
Lalanne Heather Lalanne
Lenci Mark CCA Lenci/Wisch
Lhamon Joyce CCA James/Lhamon
Lhamon Tad CCA James/Lhamon
Lichner Liz Mothership Loyal
Lovely Mary Quanci
Macrae Jock CCA Crane
Macrae Val Crane
Malmström Janne KSSS Willauer
Malmström Kirsten Willauer
Martin Po James/Lhamon
Martin John CCA James/Lhamon
McDonough Joe CCA Mothership Havet
McDonough Holly Mothership Havet
McGrath Vicki Godshalk
McInnis Steven CCA & NAS McInnis
McKnight Phil NAS Tunick
McNab Susan CCA Mothership Loyal
Medland Bob CCA & NAS Crane
Medland Sally Crane
Mellin Peter Salter
Mellin Alice Salter
Miller-de Zwart Joanna CCA Willauer
Montgomery Pat CCA Hege
Morton Bill CCA Binch
Morton Dawn Binch
Munro Bruce CCA Mothership Havet
Munro Lynne Mothership Havet
Neumann Mlada Blake
Neumann Dennis Blake
Noble-Kiley Ann CCA & NAS Godshalk
Orem Nick CCA & NAS Orem
Orem Phyllis NAS Orem
O’Donnell Kathleen CCA Bowers
Pallette Pete CCA Willauer
Pallette Harriet Willauer
Palmrose Zoe-Vonna Stabbert
Payne Meyrick NAS Boyd
Piper William CCA & NAS Hege
Piper Mary Hege
Quanci Jim CCA Quanci
Rice Mark CCA Vietor
Rice Amy Vietor
Robbins Lucy None Kasnet
Robbins Peter None Kasnet
Robfogel Marjorie CCA Goldweitz
Robfogel Jim CCA Goldweitz
Robinson Harry CCA Mothership Havet
Robinson Joan Mothership Havet
Robinson John CCA Willauer
Robinson K CCA Willauer
Rogers Paul CCA & NAS Rogers
Rogers Marty Rogers
Rosbe Judy Mothership Havet
Rosbe Bob CCA Mothership Havet
Salter Maggie CCA Salter
Schoettle Michael NAS Cort/Schoettle
Schoettle Will NAS Cort/Schoettle
Sherbrooke Ross CCA & NAS Mothership Havet
Sherbrooke Kathleen Mothership Havet
Sherman Gale NAS Tunick
Sherman, M.D. Steve NAS Tunick
Shirley Mary Mothership Loyal
Shortway Noreen None Tunick
Sinnett Chris Wiseman
Sinnett Kathy Wiseman
Sloan Hugh Mothership Loyal
Smith Christine Smith
Smith Bradford CCA Smith
Somers Larry CCA Somers
Stabbert Don CCA Stabbert
Stabbert Sharry Stabbert
Stevenson Blake Blake
Stevenson Jennie Blake
Tarlov Ed CCA Smith
Tarlov Suzanne Smith
Tatroe Payne Donna NAS Boyd
Thompson Stuart CCA Weare
Thompson Dinah Weare
Thomson Martha Waterman
Thomson Cary CCA Waterman
Tremaine John Binch
Tremaine Patsy CCA Binch
Tunick David CCA & NAS & KSSS Tunick
Urban Eva KSSS Urban
Urban Carl KSSS Urban
Urban Carolina KSSS Urban
Urban Saga KSSS Urban
Vander Salm Thomas CCA Vander Salm
Vander Salm Adelaide None Vander Salm
Vietor Sandy CCA Vietor
Vietor Carol Vietor
Vought Ginny CCA Mothership Loyal
Wager Wayne Adkins
Wager Ann Adkins
Walker Robb Quanci
Waterman Richard CCA Waterman
Waterman Karen Waterman
Watlington James CCA Mothership Loyal
Watson Barbara CCA Lalanne
Weare Nicholas CCA Weare
Weare Susan Weare
White Tod CCA Somers
White Linda CCA Somers
Willauer Brad CCA & NAS Willauer
Willauer Ann CCA Willauer
Wisch Jeffrey CCA Lenci/Wisch
Wiseman Michael NAS Wiseman
Worrell Pete CCA Worrell
Worrell Dr. Kareen Worrell
Zachem Dr. Chip Foley
Zachem Jenny Craig None Foley
Zachem-White Bella None Foley