Newfoundland Cruise Initial Registration


This is the initial deposit for the boat and two aboard for the Newfoundland Cruise.  Please enter your information below and hit "add to cart."  Once that transaction is complete, you can set out the deposits for more crew!

We'd like to collect some information about your cruise at this time as well, such as where you plan to come to Bonavista from, when you intend to set out, and which direction around the Rock do you plan for delivery to Bonavista?  Those who sail counterclockwise to Bonavista will not be very likely to continue that way all the way around after leaving St John's to return West.  (It is not a one direction or the other course.)

This form is for registering two people.  You can add more at this link.

This is how we will identify your group.
If you have a boat, please tell us what it is. If unsure, please indicate.
Your MMSI number will help us track each other
RNYC or enter your CCA Station
From where do you intend to leave for Bonavista?

Leave for Bonavista

Which way around the island do you plan to use delivering to Bonavista?

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