Newfoundland Cruise Prix Fixe

Newfoundland Cruise!

Your Cruise Committee has set up a Prix Fixe menu of events for our cruise! Meals, setup, and gratuity are included. Beverages are BYOB or cash bar

  • July 24 Bonavista Dockside Patio BBQ  BYOB (discreetly)
  • July 29 Trinity Rising Tide Players
    Jiggs Dinner Theater  BYOB
  • July 30  Dock Marina Steak BBQ
    and Trinity Cup Awards  + cash bar
  • Aug 4 RNYC Irish Pub Night Welcome
    cash bar
  • Aug 5 Coach docent tour of Rooms,
    Cape Spear box lunch, Signal Hill, QuidiVidi brewery cash bar
  • Aug 5 RNYC
    Casual dining, Little Music and Karaoke  cash bar
  • Aug 6 RNYC Gala
    Prime Rib Yorkshire pudding (+ 2 other entrees) Dinner Dance  cash bar

All Registered cruisers have already paid $100US per person (the confusing $200US boat plus 2 people Registration fee has been simplified by eliminating the boat fee)..The remaining Event Fee is now $425 US per person, or  $525US per person total. Event fees for skipper and one crew are due now. Remaining crew Event fees are due no later than June 1.



  • Indicate your boat or party below and what individuals this payment is for by  clicking the Person box
  • If they do not appear on the list they have either already paid their Event fee or they have not been registered for then Cruise and you need to register them HERE ($100US) and then come back to this page to pay the Event fee ($425US).
  • To help keep our accounting neat, you'll need to do one form per person.


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