Add and Update Information

Hello Cruiser!

The participant roster information on this site is organized as follows:

  • Each Person is in a Party. Generally, those in a party will be grouped together if possible.
  • Each Party is on a Boat. There may be more than one party on a boat.

Persons, parties, and boats are automatically created and (if information is provided) assigned using our registration system when you complete the check out process. Additional or updated information may be supplied fairly simply once you log in.

User Accounts were created using the email addresses submitted during registration. CCA members may use the special link to get an automatic log-in from the main CCA site. Alternatively, all may set new passwords here and log in directly.

  • Person may be edited by the person whose email matches the one in the Person's profile, or by the account that set up the Party they are in.
  • Boat or a Party may be edited by the account that registered it.
  • All items may be edited by the site administrator or cruise managers.

TO EDIT: Log in, find the item to be edited in the roster, and click the "edit" tab near the top. Make your changes, and click "save."


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